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Sri Lanka Health Accounts: National Health Expenditure 1990–2008
July, 2011

This publication presents revised estimates of health spending in Sri Lanka for 1990–2008 that comply with the System of Health Accounts (SHA) which is the global standard for reporting health expenditures published by the OECD.


The publication presents estimates of health expenditure in Sri Lanka from 1990-2008. It is the second published release in the current Sri Lanka Health Accounts (SLHA) series, updating the previous publication released in 2009.This update incorporates a number of major improvements and enhancements compared with the earlier reports. The improvements include changes in the underlying data sources used for major items of expenditure, such as by the provincial councils and donor agencies, and several revisions to estimation methods to increase accuracy and to ensure greater compliance with relevant international standards.
As per the report the total health spending in 2008 was Rs. 154.3 billion, which was equivalent to 3.5% of GDP, and Rs. 7,633 per capita. Forty seven percent was directly financed by the government, whilst the remaining fifty two percent was financed by private sources, and one percent by donor agencies. The report present expenditure estimates by both public and private spending, at the aggregate or total level, as a proportion of gross domestic product, on a per person basis, by province and district, by source of funding, function and provider and finally in comparison with selected other Asia-Pacific territories.


  1. Background
  2. Total Health Expenditure
  3. Financing of health expenditure
  4. Health expenditure by function
  5. Health expenditure by providers
  6. Health expenditure by province and district
  7. International comparisons
  8. Technical notes
  9. Appendix: SHA standard tables showing health expenditure in Sri Lanka by financing source, provider and function for selected years
  10. Glossary
  11. Bibliography

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