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The latest SLOTS polling for June 2024 shows that four in five (79%) Sri Lankans continue to say that the country is heading in the wrong direction, while only 4% said it was on the right track.

This study used a nationally representative survey of Sri Lankan adults to identify people with an indication of CHD, hypertension, diabetes, or depression, and ascertain if they were diagnosed. 

This paper published in the Oxford Journals Health Policy and Planning March 2015 issue compares the quality of clinical care and patient satisfaction in public and private outpatient primary care services in Sri Lanka.

The latest SLOTS polling estimates show 80% of Sri Lankan adults say that the country is heading in the wrong direction in May 2024

Three out of four Sri Lankan adults (75%) say that the country is heading in the wrong direction in the latest IHP Sri Lanka Opinion Tracker Survey (SLOTS) polling in April 2024.

Increasing PCR testing reduced COVID-19 cases and deaths, and it was the most important predictor of how well countries contained the pandemic. The study also found that lockdowns did not slow the virus in most countries, and that masks and school closures had less impact than high levels of testing and isolation.

Our first SLHA policy brief discusses trends in health expenditure in Sri Lanka over past three decades.

This publication presents estimates of health spending in Sri Lanka for 1990–2019 that comply with the System of Health Accounts (SHA) which is the global standard for reporting health expenditures published by the WHO and OECD.

We compare the quality of care in public and private sector outpatient care in Malaysia using the National Medical Care Survey 2014, using 66 internationally validated quality indicators in 27,587 patient encounters.