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    IHP staff are involved in many projects both in Sri Lanka and internationally. This section lists those projects that are publicly available.


    The projects database contains projects. You can search by topic, title, type, authors and date.





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    Current project listing
    11 - 20 of 178 projects found, listed by date.


    Sri Lanka Health Research Capacity Case Study

    The aim of this work was to understand the trajectory and mechanisms of developing institutional capacity and a culture of systematically using evidence at the level of the Ministry of Health, Nutrition and Indigenous Medicine in Sri Lanka. The study was supported by a grant from The Alliance for Health Policy and Systems Research (AHPSR) to IHP.


    Country(s): Sri Lanka

    Topics: Health research, Health systems
    Sponsors: WHO-AHPSR

    Type: Research

    Completed: Feb 2018


    ANHSS Regional UHC Flagship Course 2018

    The United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the World Bank and the Asia Network on Capacity Building for Health System Strengthening (ANHSS) jointly sponsored Asia Regional Flagship Course on Health Systems Strengthening and Sustainable Financing - The Challenge of Universal Health Coverage was held at Jetwing Blue Hotel, Negombo, Sri Lanka from the 6th 10th of March. The course was organized by the ANHSS and IHP on behalf of the USAID.


    Country(s): Asia

    Topics: Health System, Health Financing
    Sponsors: USAID

    Type: Training

    Completed: Apr 2018


    Review of National Nutrition Policy

    A consultancy to Review the Implementation of the National Nutrition Policy 2010 was awarded by the Nutrition Division of the Ministry of Health, Nutrition and Indigenous Medicine, and was funded by the World Food Programme through the National Health Development Fund to IHP.


    Country(s): Sri Lanka

    Topics: Nutrition policy
    Sponsors: WHO

    Type: Evaluation

    Completed: Sep 2017


    Strengthening Developing Member Countries Capacity in Elderly Care

    Country diagnostic study of long term care for the elderly in Sri Lanka


    Country(s): Sri Lanka

    Topics: Long term care

    Type: Research

    Completed: Dec 2017


    Re-think: MHPSS.net upgrade 2016

    The Mental Health and Psychosocial Network is a hosted online platform that enables members to share resources, join groups and interact with others, based on their work and interests.


    Country(s): Sri Lanka

    Topics: Mental health, Non-Communicable Diseases
    Sponsors: GIZ

    Type: Technical support

    Completed: Dec 2016


    Bangladesh Disease Accounts Training Course June 2015

    Training course for Bangladesh NHA team in methods for tracking resources flows and disease accounts.


    Country(s): Bangladesh

    Topics: Health expenditure

    Type: Research

    Completed: Jun 2015


    Capacity Building for NHA and Disease Accounts in Asia-Pacific Region

    A regional collaborative project to build capacity and methods for improved resource tracking by disease in Asia-Pacific countries.


    Country(s): Asia

    Topics: Health expenditures

    Type: Research

    Completed: Ongoing


    Nestle Foundation Nutrition Grant 2015

    This study analyses the global variations in child growth and inter-population differences.


    Country(s): Global

    Topics: Nutrition, Child health

    Type: Research

    Completed: Ongoing


    Changes in financing and barriers to accessing maternal care in Bangladesh

    A study for Countdown initiative to understand the role of financing in explaining gains in maternal and child health in Bangladesh


    Country(s): Bangladesh

    Topics: Child health, Maternal health, Health financing, MDGs, UHC

    Type: Research

    Completed: Dec 2015


    Commonwealth Hybrid Health Systems Study

    Profiling of a number of Commonwealth hybrid health systems that have progressed towards UHC


    Country(s): Global

    Topics: Health financing, Equity

    Type: Research

    Completed: May 2016



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