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    IHP staff are involved in many projects both in Sri Lanka and internationally. This section lists those projects that are publicly available.


    The projects database contains projects. You can search by topic, title, type, authors and date.





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    2010 project listing
    1 - 6 of 6 projects found, listed by date.


    ANHSS Health Equity Course

    IHP is leading a group of regional experts to develop a regional course on health equity and policy implications.


    Country(s): Asia

    Topics: Health equity, Health systems, Health policy
    Sponsors: World Bank Institute

    Type: Training

    Completed: Dec 2010


    Nossal Institute Support to Fiji National Health Accounts Team

    Provision of technical support to Fiji National Health Accounts Team and Nossal Institute, Australia.


    Country(s): Fiji, Australia

    Topics: Health accounts, Health financing
    Sponsors: Nossal Institute

    Type: Advisory

    Completed: Dec 2010


    Training for National Health Accounts Development and Analysis

    IHP provided traing to three staff memebers of the Malyasian NHA team in imporoving NHA design, analysis and reporting.


    Country(s): Sri Lanka

    Topics: NHA, Hospital costing, JHAQ , Private Expenditures, STATA
    Sponsors: MOH Malaysia

    Type: Training

    Completed: Nov 2010


    Bangladesh National Health Accounts - Phase 3

    IHP experts assisted MOHFW, GTZ and GTZ contractors in Bangladesh to design and implement the third phase of NHA in Bangladesh


    Country(s): Bangladesh

    Topics: Health accounts, HIV/AIDS, Methodology, Epidemiology
    Sponsors: GTZ

    Type: Advisory

    Completed: Aug 2010


    Strengthening Evidence Based Policy-Making in the Pacific: Support for development of National Health Accounts (ADB TA 6495-REG)

    IHP is collaborating with Curtin University and AIHW in Australia to support development of NHA in the South Pacific region.


    Country(s): Federated States of Micronesia, Fiji, Vanuatu

    Topics: Health accounts, Methodology
    Sponsors: ADB

    Type: Training

    Completed: Mar 2010


    Evaluation of the effectiveness of the National DOTS Programme and to develop alternate models to improve provision of DOTS treatments in various settings

    Evaluation of the Effectiveness of the National DOTS Programme and to develop alternate models to improve provision of DOTS treatment in various settings


    Country(s): Sri Lanka

    Topics: Health service performance
    Sponsors: LJSSS

    Type: Research

    Completed: Mar 2010





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