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    IHP staff are involved in many projects both in Sri Lanka and internationally. This section lists those projects that are publicly available.


    The projects database contains projects. You can search by topic, title, type, authors and date.





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    2005 project listing
    11 - 16 of 16 projects found, listed by date.


    World Bank PROST Model Consultation

    Advisory visit to World Bank headquarters to share expertise on methods for projecting future health spending.


    Country(s): Global

    Topics: Ageing, Projections
    Sponsors: World Bank

    Type: Advisory

    Completed: Jun 2005


    Peer Review of AIDS/HIV Accounts Approaches & Studies

    Peer review of different approaches used in various AIDS/HIV expenditure accounts, with presentation at the Global Resource Tracking Consortium.


    Country(s): Global

    Topics: Health accounts, HIV/AIDS, Methodology, International health initiatives
    Sponsors: UNAIDS

    Type: Advisory

    Completed: Mar 2005


    Study visit to examine Sri Lanka's maternal health services

    Study visit by senior Nepal MOH official to examine Sri Lanka's experience in providing free, universal maternal care services.


    Country(s): Nepal, Sri Lanka

    Topics: MCH, Reproductive health, Maternal health
    Sponsors: DFID

    Type: Training

    Completed: Mar 2005


    Indonesia NHA Training Visit

    Short training course organised for Indonesia MoH staff to study national health accounts methods.


    Country(s): Indonesia, Sri Lanka

    Topics: Health accounts
    Sponsors: WHO-SEARO

    Type: Training

    Completed: Mar 2005


    Health of the Very Poorest Workshop

    Training module on equity in Asian health systems and reaching the very poorest conducted during DFID staff inservice training event.


    Country(s): UK, Asia

    Topics: Health equity, Health systems
    Sponsors: DFID

    Type: Training

    Completed: Feb 2005


    Evaluation of BOI fiscal incentives for private hospital investment

    Study evaluating the costs and benefits of BOI fiscal incentives for private hospital investment in Sri Lanka (commissioned by National Commission on Macroeconomics and Health).


    Country(s): Sri Lanka

    Topics: Private healthcare, Fiscal policy
    Sponsors: WHO

    Type: Evaluation

    Completed: Jan 2005





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