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    The publications database contains publications made by IHP events or by IHP staff at conferences, workshops or meetings. You can search by topic, title, type, authors and date.





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    National Health Accounts Estimation Methods: Household Out-of-pocket Spending in Private Expenditure

    Draft technical report commissioned by WHO on methods for improving measurement of out-of-pocket spending in health accounts.

    Author(s):Ravi P. Rannan-Eliya

    Date: 1 Oct 2006                                           Type: Project Reports

     Download from OECD (External site)
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    The living situation of refugees, asylumseekers and IDP�s in Armenia, Ecuador and Sri Lanka: Millennium development indicators and coping strategies

    This is the final draft of the report for this study prepared for UNCHR Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.

    Author(s):Dr. Ravi P. Rannan-Eliya, Dr.Reggie Perera

    Date: 1 Sep 2006                                           Type: Project Reports

     Download from UNHCR web site (External site)

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    Global Review of Projecting Health Expenditures for Older Persons in Developing Countries

    A review commissioned by the WHO Kobe Centre for Health and Development on the methods and approaches being used to project future health spending at the national level.

    Author(s):Ravi P. Rannan-Eliya, Ruki Wijesinghe

    Date: 1 Aug 2006                                           Type: Monographs

     Download from WHO Kobe Centre (External site)
    (436 KB)

    cover page

    The Origins of Hong Kong's Domestic Health Accounts

    Book chapter reviewing the establishment, first results and subsequent development of Hong Kong's Domestic Health Accounts System.

    Author(s):Ravi P. Rannan-Eliya

    Date: 1 Jun 2006                                           Type: Book chapters

     Purchase from HKUP (External site)

    cover page

    Future Policy Choices for the Health Sector in Asia

    Briefing paper commissioned by UK DFID for the Asia 2015 Conference held in London 6-7 March 2006, which brought together key decision makers from around Asia and the world to learn from Asia's success, to identify future challenges �

    Author(s):Veronica Walford, Mark Pearson, Ravi Rannan Eliya and Tharanga Fernando

    Date: 1 Mar 2006                                           Type: Monographs

    (222 KB)

    cover page

    Equity in Health and Health Care Systems in Asia

    This book chapter reviews the evidence on health systems equity in Asia, with particular emphasis on developing countries.

    Author(s):Ravi P. Rannan-Eliya, Aparnaa Somanathan

    Date: 1 Feb 2006                                           Type: Book chapters

     Edward Elgar Publishing

    cover page

    Domestic health expenditure in Hong Kong: 1989/90 to 2001/02

    Results of the second Hong Kong Domestic Health Accounts project, which estimated health expenditures from 1989 to 2001

    Author(s):Leung, G.M., Tin, K.Y.K., Rannan-Eliya, R., Leung, E.S.K., Lam, D.W.S., Lo, S.V.

    Date: 1 Feb 2006                                           Type: Journal articles

     Download from NCBI (External site)

    cover page

    ILO Social Security Inquiry in Sri Lanka

    Project report on ILO Social Security Inquiry pilot in Sri Lanka to test feasibility of routine collection of data on social security coverage in the country.


    Date: 1 Sep 2005                                           Type: Project Reports

    (3.4 MB)

    cover page

    Explaining the incidence of catastrophic expenditures on health care: Comparative evidence from Asia.

    This paper examines the incidence of catastrophic out-of-pocket health expenditures for health in six Asian countries, and discusses implications.

    Author(s):Owen O'Donnell, Eddy van Doorslaer, Ravi P. Rannan-Eliya, Aparnaa Somanathan, Charu C. Garg, Piya Ha

    Date: 1 Jun 2005                                           Type: Monographs

     Download from Equitap Project (External site)

    cover page

    Projection of Impact of Aging on Health Care Expenditures, Sri Lanka 2001-2051

    Sri Lanka has one of the fastest ageing populations in the world. This study develops an actuarial cost projection model to forecast future health spending.

    Author(s):Ravi P. Rannan-Eliya

    Date: 1 May 2005                                           Type: Project Reports




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