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    The publications database contains publications made by IHP events or by IHP staff at conferences, workshops or meetings. You can search by topic, title, type, authors and date.





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    Development of Health Systems in the Context of Enhancing Economic Growth towards Achieving the Millennium Development Goals in Asia and the Pacific

    Book chapter in UNESCAP's review of strategic issues facing Asian nations in achieving universal health coverage.

    Author(s):Ravi P. Rannan-Eliya, UNESCAP staff

    Date: 1 Apr 2007                                           Type: Books

     Download from (External site)
    (2.4 MB)

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    Review of Costing Studies Conducted in Sri Lanka 1990-2004

    A review and bibliography of costing studies conducted in Sri Lanka's health sector during 1990-2003.

    Author(s):Amala de Silva, S.M. Samarage, Aparnaa Somanathan

    Date: 1 Feb 2007                                           Type: Books

     Available from NCBI

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    Catastrophic payments for health care in Asia

    Health Economics paper presenting the analysis of out-of-pocket spending in Asian countries by the Equitap project, and estimates of the extent of catastrophic impacts.

    Author(s):van Doorslaer, Eddy, Owen O'Donnell, Ravindra P. Rannan-Eliya, Aparnaa Somanathan, Shiva Raj Adhikar

    Date: 1 Feb 2007                                           Type: Journal articles

     Download from Health Economics website (Subscription required)

    cover page

    Study of overall performance compared among districts (against selected indicators)

    Report prepared by HPRA on study commissioned by MOH on performance frameworks for monitoring districts in Sri Lanka.

    Author(s):K.C. Shanti Dalpatadu, Ravi P. Rannan-Eliya, Lankani Sikurajapathy

    Date: 1 Feb 2007                                           Type: Project Reports

     Download from MOH Annual Health Forum (External site)

    cover page

    Costing, Financing and Expenditure of Services

    Report prepared by HPRA on study commissioned by MOH on costs and financing of health services in districts.


    Date: 1 Feb 2007                                           Type: Project Reports

     Download from MOH Annual Health Forum (External site)

    cover page

    The Incidence of Public Spending on Healthcare: Comparative Evidence from Asia.

    Article presents findings of the comparative analysis of benefit incidence of government health spending in 11 Asian countries.

    Author(s):O'Donnell, Owen, Eddy van Doorslaer, Ravi P. Rannan-Eliya, Aparnaa Somanathan, Shiva Raj Adhikari, D

    Date: 1 Jan 2007                                           Type: Journal articles

     Download from Oxford University Press (Subscription required)

    cover page

    Fertility Transition in Sri Lanka: The Determinants and Consequences

    Paper prepared for UNESCAP seminar on fertility transition in Asia.

    Author(s):APTL Abeykoon

    Date: 1 Dec 2006                                           Type: Monographs

     Download from UNESCAP (External site)
    (85 KB)

    cover page

    Effect of payments for health care on poverty estimates in 11 countries in Asia: an analysis of household survey data.

    Lancet paper based on the work of the Equitap collaboration presenting the key findings on the incidence of catastrophic out-of-pocket health expenditures in Asian countries.

    Author(s):van Doorslaer, Eddy, Owen O'Donnell, Ravi P. Rannan-Eliya, Aparnaa Somanathan, Shiva Raj Adhikari, C

    Date: 1 Oct 2006                                           Type: Journal articles

     Download from Lancet website (Registration required)

    cover page

    Mobilising financial resources for maternal health

    The fourth in a series of five articles about maternal survival organised by the The Lancet Maternal Survival Series steering group.

    Author(s):Jo Borghi, Tim Ensor, Aparnaa Somanathan, Craig Lissner, Anne Mills, on behalf of The Lancet Materna

    Date: 1 Oct 2006                                           Type: Journal articles


    cover page

    Sri Lanka’s Health Miracle

    Article reviews how Sri Lanka achieved its health miracle over the past century, identifying lessons for other countries in South Asia, and noting challenges for the Sri Lankan paradigm.

    Author(s):Ravi P. Rannan-Eliya

    Date: 1 Oct 2006                                           Type: Journal articles




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