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    SLOTS Consumer Confidence Survey 2022-08

    Sri Lanka Consumer Confidence: JVP Support Surges with the Collapse of the Economy and the Gotabaya Presidency

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    Rannan-Eliya R P
    16 Aug 2022

    Abstract:The country faces considerable hardship and critical economic choices in the next few months as it negotiates an IMF agreement and restructures foreign debt. Realistically, the current government will lead this process. This is despite it lacking any significant support in the electorate today, however constitutionally sound its formation is. Most likely, there will be a General Election in early 2023. In those elections on current trends, the choice will be between the SJB and the NPP/JVP. The NPP/JVP is in the ascendant and is likely to replace the SLPP/SLFP as the main centre-left force. The SLPP seems unlikely to recover and will probably need time in opposition to restructure and to rework its relationship with its erstwhile ally the SLFP.




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