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    SLOTS Consumer Confidence Survey 2022-06

    Sri Lanka Consumer Confidence: Consumer confidence remained extremely pessimistic through May

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    Rannan-Eliya R P., Selvaratnam A., Wisidagama N., Kapuge Y., Senadeera A., Wijemunige N.
    30 Jun 2022

    Abstract:Throughout May, all IHP's consumer confidence indices have remained at extremely low levels. Leading up to the country-wide protests and the resignation of the Prime Minister on 9 May, some small improvements were seen in the Index of Consumer Expectation (ICE), which measures the public�s expectations about the future, and the Index of Consumer Sentiment (ICS), which measures the public�s views on their personal economic status and the national economy. However, despite the resignation of the Prime Minister, and subsequent appointment of a new Prime Minister, there was no improvement in any of the indices. This may be reflective of the country's continued difficulties in ensuring essentials such as fuel, electricity, essential food items and other goods and services.




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