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    Increasing Numbers of Sri Lankans Want to Migrate, especially Youth and Disenchanted Government Voters

    Drivers linked to dissatisfaction with COVID strategy and economic prospects, but opposition failing to benefit

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    Rannan-Eliya, R.P
    17 Nov 2021 | 6 pages

    Abstract:The Sri Lanka Opinion Tracker Survey corroborate Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa’s claim that there is a surge in Sri Lankans, especially the youth, trying to migrate, and they confirm that much of this is driven by disenchantment of voters with the government. They also indicate that much of this dissatisfaction is driven by pessimism about economic prospects and dissatisfaction with the COVID-19 response, in particular a preference for stronger control of COVID- 19 versus just “living with the virus”. The only positive aspect of this for the government might be that many disenchanted Rajapaksa voters do not appear to have switched their support to other parties, but this might only be a matter of time. However, from a national perspective the increased pressures to emigrate by the youth and the most educated and affluent in society bodes badly for the country’s future economic and social prospects as global travel restrictions are lifted.




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