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    Family policy for Sri Lanka

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    Inter-sectoral Commttee
    31 Dec 2010 | 27 pages

    Abstract: The Family Policy aims at addressing particularly vulnerable families with special needs in the medium term. The concepts identified to meet the special economic and social needs of families are: family dissolution, disruption and intra-family violence, gender and poverty, child development and protection, adolescents and youth, disabilities and ageing, neglect and abuse of children, elderly single and widowed women, employment and poverty, migrant and displaced populations. Based on these concepts, the Goals and illustrative strategies presented in this policy document are designed to address issues that would enable families with special needs not only to cope with poverty and vulnerability but emerge out of it. The overall objective of the Family Policy, therefore, is to ensure that all economic and social development policies are responsive to the diverse and changing needs and rights of families and provide the necessary support and protection, particularly to the most vulnerable families.




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