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    News 2008

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    31 Mar 2008
    Who pays for healthcare in Asia? Equitap findings published in Journal of Health Econmics
    The findings of the Equitap analysis of the progressivity of healthcare financing payments in Asian countries was published as an article in the Journal of Health Economics. This study conducted by the Equitap collaboration, led by IHP, used standardised methods to examine the incidence of payments through taxation, social health insurance and out-of-pocket payments for healthcare in countries across the region. The study was notable for being the first comparative assessment of the incidence of different types of tax mechanisms for many of the countries involved, and a key finding with wide policy significance was that indirect taxation in many Asian countries is progressive, and not regressive as often believed on the basis of earlier research in Europe. JHE.gif

    11 Mar 2008
    Dr. Rannan-Eliya presents IHP review of the G8's health financing agenda at the high-level international conference on health systems challenges, Tokyo
    Dr Rannan-Eliya, IHP Fellow, presented the IHP paper on challenges in global health financing at the International Conference on Global Action for Health System Strengthening, which was organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Government of Japan, in Tokyo, 3-4 November 2008. The meeting was attended by more than 140 participants from around the world, including Dr Margaret Chan, WHO DG, Dr Peter Piot of UNAIDS, Tachi Yamada, head of the health division of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and health experts from all the G8 countries. The conference discussed the recommendations of the JCIE Takemi G8 health taskforce, and what these meant for the 2009 G8 agenda. IHP is responsible for one of the three thematic reviews in this project, that dealing with health financing, and the findings and recommendations of this were discussed with participants. 200811g8.jpg

    22 Feb 2008
    Dr Rannan-Eliya participates in World Bank-Hitotsubashi University Workshop on Closing the Coverage Gap, Tokyo
    The World Bank in collaboration with Hitotsubashi University and the Ministry of Finance Japan organised a consultative workshop of pensions and social protection experts to discuss what is known and what is not about extending coverage of social protection and pensions programmes globally. The meeting was attended by experts from all regions, from international agencies such as OECD, IMF, World Bank, ILO, and HelpAge International, and experts from the national pensions and social insurance systems of countries such as USA, Japan, Korea, etc. Dr Rannan-Eliya, IHP Fellow, shared the work of IHP examining the experience of informal sector pensions in Sri Lanka, and contributed to the discussion of challenges facing expansion of pension schemes in developing countries. An important theme emerging from the discussions was the need for countries to consider the introduction of social pensions or non-contributory pensions to extend coverage to people outside the formal sector. wb-mof-hu.jpg

    6 Feb 2008
    IHP assists World Bank to review and share experience with research networks on health systems and policies
    The World Bank's East Asia and Pacific regional department held a major regional seminar for policy-makers and experts in the East Asian region to discuss emerging issues in healthcare financing. The two day meeting was held in Bangkok from 6-8 February, and was attended by a hundred participants from all over the region, and from many development agencies. IHP supported the seminar by organising a session to share regional experience with using research networks to support evidence in policy. Dr Rannan-Eliya together with colleagues from Korea (Prof Bong-min Yang) and Hong Kong (Prof Gabriel Leung) made presentations on what is known about the challenges and benefits of regional networking, and proposed a future agenda for the region to use such networks to support better health policy. The experiences of APNHAN and Equitap networks were highlighted.

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