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    IHP staff are involved in many projects both in Sri Lanka and internationally. This section lists those projects that are publicly available.


    The projects database contains projects. You can search by topic, title, type, authors and date.





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    2014 project listing
    1 - 10 of 14 projects found, listed by date.


    AHRF Technical Advisor for Solomon Islands Health Facilities Costing and Strategic Work

    AHRF Technical Advisor to the Solomon Islands supporting costing of health services.


    Country(s): Solomon Islands

    Topics: Health service performance, Health economics

    Type: Advisory

    Completed: Dec 2014


    Training in Hospital Costing for Malaysia NHA

    Training attachment for MOH Malaysia staff to train in methods for hospital costing


    Country(s): Malaysia

    Topics: Health economics, Health accounts, Costing
    Sponsors: WHO

    Type: Training

    Completed: Nov 2014


    Indonesia Health Policy Network Assessment

    Dr Rannan-Eliya is leading an external assessment of the Indonesian Health Policy Network performance and its strategic plans for AusAID.


    Country(s): Indonesia

    Topics: Capacity building, Health systems, Health policy
    Sponsors: AIPHSS

    Type: Advisory

    Completed: Nov 2014


    Strengthening Eco-System for Sustainable and Inclusive Health Financing in India

    IHP is providing technical support to PHFI and Indian counterparts to design and implement a national health accounts system in India.


    Country(s): India

    Topics: Capacity building, Health accounts, Health financing
    Sponsors: USAID

    Type: Training

    Completed: Nov 2014


    Assessment of options for institutionalizing NHA in Indonesia

    Assessment of options for institutionalizing NHA in Indonesia


    Country(s): Indonesia

    Topics: Health accounts, Health financing, Health expenditures

    Type: Advisory

    Completed: Oct 2014


    AHRF Review of PEN Packages

    AHRF Briefing Paper on PEN Package


    Country(s): South Pacific

    Topics: Health economics, Health services, Non-Communicable Disease

    Type: Advisory

    Completed: Oct 2014


    Harvard-University of Fort Hare Health Transformation Course 2014

    Dr Rannan-Eliya participated in the faculty team teaching the Health Transformation Course delivered in East London, South Africa in collaboration with Harvard University and University of Fort Hare.


    Country(s): South Africa

    Topics: Capacity building, Health systems, Health financing, Provider payment
    Sponsors: South Africa Partners

    Type: Training

    Completed: Sep 2014


    GIZ Bangladesh NHA Technical Assistance 2013-14

    Provision of technical support for NHA development to Health Economics Unit, MOHFW, Bangladesh Client: MOHFW Bangladesh.


    Country(s): Bangladesh

    Topics: Health accounts
    Sponsors: GIZ Bangladesh

    Type: Advisory

    Completed: Jun 2014


    Asia-Pacific Leaders Malaria Alliance Financing Paper

    APLMA Regional Financing Task Force


    Country(s): Asia

    Topics: Malaria, Health Financing

    Type: Advisory

    Completed: May 2014


    OECD SHA Training Course 2014

    Dr. R.P. Rannan-Eliya acted as a member of faculty for the OECD SHA Training Course held in Paris in April 2014.


    Country(s): Global

    Topics: Health accounts, Health financing

    Type: Advisory

    Completed: Apr 2014





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