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    IHP staff are involved in many projects both in Sri Lanka and internationally. This section lists those projects that are publicly available.


    The projects database contains projects. You can search by topic, title, type, authors and date.





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    2011 project listing
    1 - 5 of 5 projects found, listed by date.


    National AIDS Spending Assessment (NASA) 2011

    This publication provides estimates of overall HIV spending in the country for the years 2009�2010, and an overview of the financial flows of the national AIDS response.


    Country(s): Sri Lanka

    Topics: HIV/AIDS
    Sponsors: Technical Support Facility South Asia

    Type: Research

    Completed: Dec 2011


    Sri Lanka District Investment Case Analysis (DICA): Technical support and Collaboration

    The objectives of this analyses include a situation analysis of the district health systems in improving MCH outcomes, identify the bottlenecks that hamper their functioning and formulating strategies to overcome these bottlenecks.


    Country(s): Sri Lanka

    Topics: Health service performance, Maternal and Child Health, Demography
    Sponsors: UNICEF

    Type: Technical support

    Completed: Nov 2011


    Formulation of Family Policy for Sri Lanka

    The task of formulating a Family Policy for Sri Lanka was awarded to IHP by the Ministry of Social Services. IHP along with a Task Force comprising of representatives from both Government and non-Government agencies formulated the draft policy.


    Country(s): Sri Lanka

    Topics: Demography, Social protection
    Sponsors: UNICEF

    Type: Advisory

    Completed: Sep 2011


    Sri Lanka Health Accounts Phase 5

    Compilation of regular estimates of health expenditures in Sri Lanka


    Country(s): Sri Lanka

    Topics: Health accounts, Methodology, Health statistics
    Sponsors: IHP

    Type: Research

    Completed: May 2011


    UNFPA Analysis of expenditures for Maternal Health in Asia

    Tracking of budgeted and actual maternal health spending in some countries and scoping for possible such analysis for the others


    Country(s): Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Timor Leste

    Topics: Maternal health, Health expenditures
    Sponsors: UNFPA

    Type: Research

    Completed: Mar 2011





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