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    IHP staff are involved in many projects both in Sri Lanka and internationally. This section lists those projects that are publicly available.


    The projects database contains projects. You can search by topic, title, type, authors and date.





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    2007 project listing
    1 - 10 of 20 projects found, listed by date.


    Hong Kong Domestic Health Accounts Phase 3

    Technical support to the third round of Hong Kong's Domestic Health Accounts.


    Country(s): Hong Kong SAR

    Topics: Health accounts, Health financing
    Sponsors: Hong Kong University

    Type: Advisory

    Completed: Dec 2007


    Bed Head Ticket Survey


    Country(s): Sri Lanka

    Topics: Health services, Epidemiology, Health statistics
    Sponsors: WHO

    Type: Survey

    Completed: Dec 2007


    Support to Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics 2007

    Mission by Dr Rannan-Eliya, IHP Fellow, to provide technical support to Palestine Central Bureau of Statistics in establishing national health accounts system.


    Country(s): Palestine

    Topics: Health accounts, Methodology
    Sponsors: EU

    Type: Advisory

    Completed: Dec 2007


    WHO Alliance Biennial Review 2007

    Dr Rannan-Eliya, IHP Fellow, conducted a review of constraints and challenges to building health systems research capacity in developing countries.


    Country(s): Global

    Topics: Health research, Health systems
    Sponsors: WHO-AHPSR

    Type: Research

    Completed: Nov 2007


    Private Laboratory Survey 2006


    Country(s): Sri Lanka

    Topics: Health services, Health expenditures, Private healthcare, Health statistics
    Sponsors: World Bank

    Type: Survey

    Completed: Oct 2007


    Decomposing inequalities in health outcomes in countries of the WHO South-East Asia Region

    IHP is conducting this study commissioned by the WHO Commission on Social Determinants and Health to examine determinants of inequalities in health outcomes of WHO-SEAR countries.


    Country(s): Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Maldives, Nepal, Sri Lanka

    Topics: Health equity, Maternal health, MDGs
    Sponsors: WHO-CSDH

    Type: Research

    Completed: Oct 2007


    Expanding Health Care Coverage - Sri Lanka Case Study


    Country(s): Sri Lanka

    Topics: Health equity, Health systems
    Sponsors: World Bank

    Type: Research

    Completed: Oct 2007


    WHO Global Fund Evaluation Health Expenditure Workshop

    Dr Rannan-Eliya, IHP Fellow, served as a resource person to train participants how to estimate disease accounts for the WHO Global Fund Evaluation project


    Country(s): Global

    Topics: Health accounts, Health financing, HIV/AIDS, Methodology, International health initiatives
    Sponsors: WHO

    Type: Training

    Completed: Aug 2007


    The Findings from the First implementation of Standards-based Health Accounts in OECD and Developing Asia: Similarities and Differences

    IHP-organised session to present and discuss the findings of the first SHA-based health accounts collections in OECD and Asia-Pacific regions during 2000-2006.


    Country(s): Asia, OECD

    Topics: Health accounts, Health financing, Methodology
    Sponsors: IHP

    Type: Event

    Completed: Jul 2007


    Costing and financing of HIV/AIDS in Ukraine

    National workshop in Ukraine to discuss and train national experts in methods related to tracking of HIV/AIDS expenditures.


    Country(s): Ukraine

    Topics: HIV/AIDS, Health expenditure
    Sponsors: AIDS Alliance

    Type: Advisory

    Completed: Jul 2007





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