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    World Bank Private Health Sector Assessment

    Project ID: PS-002 Status: Completed

    Private healthcare financing contributes just over half of all healthcare expenditures in Sri Lanka. The bulk of private spending is direct spending by households. Private spending is mainly used to pay private hospitals, doctors and laboratories, and to purchase medicines. Private hospital provision has shown robust growth during 1990-2011. This growth however is concentrated in the Western Province, which accounts for 65% of all private beds in 2011.

    In 2006, Sri Lanka engaged in a bold experiment to change the regulation of private sector services, by moving responsibilities to an independent Private Health Services Regulatory Council (PHSRC). The system is unique as it moves regulation out of the health ministry, and directly involves the private sector in the regulatory agency.

    This profile was prompted by concerns that there was inadequate information on the activities of private healthcare providers in Sri Lanka. Although only limited primary data collection was done, it was possible to build up a fairly detailed profile of private healthcare activities in the country, and recent trends.

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     Project at a glance  Project team
    Start Date: Mar 2012
    End Date: Jan 2013
    Themes: Private healthcare, Health Expenditures, Health Financing, Health Policy, Health Statistics, Health Systems,Private Insurance
    Sponsor(s): World Bank
    Client: World Bank
    IHP Staff: Ravi P. Rannan-Eliya, Sarasi Amarasinghe, Sanil De Alwis, Shanaz Saleem and Shanti Dalpatadu
     Location  Further information
    Region: Sri Lanka
    Country(s): Sri Lanka
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