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    Optimizing the Configuration of Public Hospital Infrastructure at the District level in South Asian Countries

    Project ID: HS-001 Status: Completed

    Previous research led by IHP researchers (Rannan-Eliya, Somanathan) have revealed significant differences in the unit costs of hospital services in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal. Specifically, it has been found that hospital services are far cheaper in Sri Lanka than in the other two countries. This matters, because district hospitals account for a large share of overall government health spending in most developing countries, and expanding access to these services is consequently an important element in improving health conditions in most of them. This study funded by a research grant from SANEI utilised data available from three comparable public facility cost surveys conducted in the three countries to examine in detail the reasons why cost differ systematically between the three countries. Key findings are that overall technical effficiency of the district hospital system is much higher in Sri Lanka than in Bangladesh and Nepal, and lowest in Nepal. Explanatory factors include differences in the structure of the health facility network itself, with Sri Lanka operating an additional lower tier of small, low-tech facilities not found in the other two countries, lower relative wages and higher labour productivity in Sri Lanka, as well as technical efficiency differences at the level of individual facilities.

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     Project at a glance  Project team
    Start Date: Jul 2005
    End Date: Nov 2009
    Themes: Health systems, Health services, Performance, Productivity
    Sponsor(s): SANEI
    Client: SANEI
    IHP Staff: A Somanathan, Fazana Saleem-Ismail, RP Rannan-Eliya
     Location  Further information
    Region: Sri Lanka
    Country(s): Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka
    Partner(s): Data International, Nepal Health Economics Association
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    South Asian Network of Economic Research Insitutes (SANEI)


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