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    Transitioning from Donor Assistance for Health: In-Country Perspectives, Experiences, and�Preferences in Ghana and Sri Lanka

    Project ID: HF-003 Status: Completed

    In recent decades, as several countries have graduated from low-income country (LIC) to middle-income country (MIC) status on the basis of growth in their gross national income per capita, they have faced imminent loss of donor aid or concessions typically enjoyed by LICs. In the health sector, when MICs lose donor support from organizations like the Global Fund, the loss can have huge negative impacts on their health system performance.
    Very little is known about the concerns, challenges, and opportunities faced by in-country stakeholders amid donor transitions. Even less is known about the decision-making processes that underlie a country�s preparation for, or response to, such transitions. This pilot study in Sri Lanka and Ghana aims to fill these gaps by (1) exploring the perspectives and experiences of in-country stakeholders with donor transitions within the health sector, and (2) testing the preferences of in-country stakeholders for different potential approaches to ease the effects of donor transitions.

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     Project at a glance  Project team
    Start Date: Aug 2018
    End Date: Jul 2019
    Themes: Health financing, Health planning
    Sponsor(s): The Center for Policy Impact in Global Health, Duke University
    IHP Staff: Dr. Prasadini Perera, Annahl Hoole
     Location  Further information
    Region: Asia
    Country(s): Sri Lanka
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