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    Strengthening Developing Member Countries Capacity in Elderly Care

    Project ID: Status: Active

    The purpose of the country diagnostic study (CDS) is to contribute to building an in depth knowledge base on emerging long-term care (LTC) policies, programs and systems. The CDS will cover areas such as demographic projections policy and regulatory frameworks, institutional arrangements and capacity, stakeholder mapping, consumer needs, and service provider assessments, human resources (constraints and development), existing programs and coverage and financing.

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     Project at a glance  Project team
    Start Date: Jan 2017
    End Date: Ongoing
    Themes: Long term care
    Client: ADB,HelpAge
    IHP Staff: Dr. Ravi P. Rannan-Eliya, Dr. K.C.S Dalpatadu, Dr Sarath Samarage, Minidula Balasuriya, Rehana Thowfeek, Sarasi Amarasinghe
     Location  Further information
    Region: Asia
    Country(s): Sri Lanka
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    20 Jul 2017: National Consultative Meeting to adopt the Country Diagnostic Study on Long-Term Care for Elders in Sri Lanka
    15 Jul 2017: Dr. Abeykoon Contributes to the Publication on Ageing
    9 Feb 2017: IHP hosts long term care for the elderly stakeholder meeting
    9 Dec 2016: Dr. Reggie Perera delivers Key Note Address
    4 Oct 2016: Dr. Abeykoon participates at the South-East Asian Seminar on Ageing
    1 Jun 2016: Dr. Abeykoon attends the Pension Experts Meeting
    22 Mar 2016: Dr. Dalpatadu inducted as the President College of Medical Administrators
    30 Nov 2015: Dr. Rannan-Eliya makes a presentation at the International Conference on Maternal and Child Nutrition
    22 Oct 2015: Dr. Reggie Perera Guest of Honour at the 8th Annual Academic Sessions of the "Gal Oya Nimna Clinical Association"
    24 Sep 2015: MoU between IHP and MoH will benefit both parties and the country
    31 Jul 2015: Health officials from Myanmar attend a seminar at IHP
    26 Jun 2015: IHP conducts training workshop on disease accounts for BNHA Cell
    26 Apr 2015: IHP partners in the conduct of 2015 Asia Regional Flagship Course
    18 Dec 2014: Dr Abeykoon participates at the Fifth International Seminar for South–South Cooperation
    4 Dec 2014: IHP Design Specialist Awarded 1st Place at HIV/AIDS Poster Competition
    1 Dec 2014: Dr. Abeykoon appointed to the Editorial Board of Asia-Pacific Population Journal
    12 Nov 2014: Dr Reggie Perera and Puwanesh participate in international conference
    12 Nov 2014: IHP to manage Asia Health Systems Research Capacity Strengthening Initiative
    4 Sep 2014: Dr. Reggie Perera delivers Dr. Malinga Fernando Oration 2014
    27 Aug 2014: Dr. Rannan-Eliya speaks on the importance of local research in developing health strategy at the KDU International Research Conference
    14 Aug 2014: IHP staff contribute to the National Atlas of Sri Lanka
    12 May 2014: Meeting of the APLMA Regional Malaria Financing Task Force, Hong Kong
    4 May 2014: Dr. R.P. Rannan-Eliya and Nirmali Sivapragasam participate in the OECD SHA Training Course in Paris
    28 Mar 2014: IHP presents research findings at the Pre Congress Sessions of the College of Medical Administrators
    7 Mar 2014: Asia Regional Flagship Course on Health Systems Strengthening and Sustainable Financing held in Bangkok
    29 Jan 2014: Dr. Rannan-Eliya receives President’s Award for Scientific Publication
    8 Nov 2013: IHP contributes towards developing a National Performance Monitoring and Evaluation Framework
    21 Sep 2013: IHP conducts training workshop on health accounts for Bangladesh team
    2 Sep 2013: Keynote presentation by Dr Rannan-Eliya at College of Community Dentistry of Sri Lanka Annual Sessions 2013
    1 Sep 2013: IHP accredited by PGIM as post-graduate training center
    1 Sep 2013: IHP presents research findings at the SLMA-CMASL-IHP joint Research Symposium on Quality of Healthcare in Sri Lanka
    31 Aug 2013: 2008 IHP Report spins-off World Bank Policy Research Working Paper on Multisectoral Preventive Health Services in Sri Lanka
    10 Jul 2013: IHP delivers presentations at the 9th iHEA World Congress
    9 Jul 2013: Dr. Rannan-Eliya presents consensus of GNHE researchers at the iHEA
    7 Jul 2013: Dr. Nilmini Wijemanne presents two papers at the Private Sector in Health Symposium
    26 Jun 2013: Dr. Prasanna Cooray joins TV discussion on dengue control
    24 Jun 2013: Dr. Nilmini Wijemanne attends OECD Disease Expenditures Experts Meeting
    3 May 2013: IHP contributes to the National Action Plan for the Protection and Promotion of Human Rights, 2011-2016
    3 May 2013: Dr. Abeykoon presents paper on Sri Lanka achievements at UNFPA Bangkok Seminar
    21 Apr 2013: IHP presented research findings from two studies at the Private Health Sector Review
    19 Apr 2013: Dr. A.T.P.L. Abeykoon presents a paper at the Pension Experts Meeting
    22 Sep 2012: Dr. Rannan-Eliya delivers a keynote address at the HASA Conference
    19 Jul 2012: IHP shares Sri Lanka's healthcare experience with Johnson and Johnson worldwide
    1 Dec 2011: Dr. A.T.P.L. Abeykoon appointed to the Editorial Board of IJMA
    1 Nov 2011: Evaluation Mission of the UNESCAP Asia-Pacific Population Journal
    2 Oct 2011: Training programme for novel surveillance system for malaria
    28 Sep 2011: NGO advocacy meeting for National AIDS Spending Assessment (NASA) 2011
    28 Aug 2011: Consultative Seminar on Family Policy for Sri Lanka
    24 Aug 2011: Below to above replacement: increased fertility and its determinants in Sri Lanka, collaborative efforts of Chamara Anuranga of IHP
    9 Aug 2011: The National Aids Spending Assessment (NASA) 2011
    8 Aug 2011: Training programme for novel surveillance system for malaria
    18 Jul 2011: Dr. A.T.P.L Abeykoon, Senior Fellow presented a paper on "The Demographic Transition: Opportunities and Challenges - The Case of Sri Lanka" at the 27th Asian Parliamentarians's Meeting on Population a
    11 Jul 2011: IHP and Equitap Network participates at the iHEA, 8th World Congress in Toronto.
    16 Jun 2011: Dr. Reggie Perera, Senior Fellow. IHP was invited to be a Resource Person at the Private Public Partnership Conference held in Singapore, from the 14th - 15th of June.
    3 Jun 2011: IHP DICA team organized and participated at the strategic planning workshops for the districts of Vavuniya, NuwaraELiya, Hambantota and Monaragala.
    15 Feb 2011: Dr. R.P. Rannan-Eliya participated in the expert consultation organized by the Indian Government's High Level Expert Group on Universal Health Coverage
    10 Dec 2010: Flagship Course on Equity and Health Systems
    8 Dec 2010: Dr. A.T.P.L. Abeykoon, presents the paper on “Reproductive Health and Family Planning Programme in Sri Lanka: Achievements and Challenges”.
    20 Nov 2010: Dr. A.T.P.L Abeykoon participates at the Asian Population Association Conference held in New Delhi from 16-20 November, 2010.
    17 Nov 2010: Dr. R.P. Rannan-Eliya gives keynote on the State of the Art Research into Universal Health Coverage at the WHO Global Symposium on Health Systems Research, Montreux
    27 Jul 2010: Dr. Rannan-Eliya receives Presidential Awards for published scientific research!
    5 Jul 2010: Dr. A.T.P.L. Abeykoon presents at the CACCI conference 5-7 July 2010, Colombo, Sri Lanka
    2 Jun 2010: Stakeholder Consultation on Asia Pacific Observatory on Health Systems and Policies
    7 Jan 2010: Dr. A.T.P.L. Abeykoon appointed member of UNFPA Asia and Pacific Regional Programme Advisory Group
    15 Dec 2009: Dr. A.T.P.L. Abeykoon, advisor at the Regional Consultation on a Strategic Framework for Active Healthy Ageing in the South-East Asia Region
    12 Dec 2009: Shanaz Saleem awarded gold medal for best paper at the South Asian Economics Student’s Meet (SAESM)
    23 Nov 2009: National workshop on social disparities in the Maldives
    17 Nov 2009: Dr. Shanti Dalpatadu appointed member of the National Non Communicable Diseases (NCD) Streering Committee
    1 Oct 2009: Dr. A.T.P.L. Abeykoon Served as a member of the drafting committee on the section on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights of the National Action Plan for the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights
    20 Aug 2009: Dr. A.T.P.L. Abeykoon presents at the Expert Group Meeting at UNESCAP on The Progress and challenges in Achieving the Health-related Millenium Development Goals in South Asia
    17 Feb 2009: Launch of Japanese Report to G8: Sri Lankan experts recommend using financial crisis to advance global health
    5 Feb 2009: Dr. A.T.P.L. Abeykoon presents at the Expert Group Meeting at UNESCAP.
    28 Jan 2009: Dr. Rannan-Eliya presents the IHP health financing recommendations for the G8 at the Prince Mahidol Award Conference in Bangkok.
    6 Jan 2009: Urban HEART Advisory Group meets for first time in Kobe, Japan
    20 Nov 2008: Ruwanthi Elwelagedera presents IHP's work on SPI indices at the Joint ADB/ILO/OECD/RCHSP Technical Workshop on Social Protection Data
    19 Nov 2008: Dr. Rannan-Eliya discusses key issues in health systems research the 4th Annual Nossal Global Health Forum, Melbourne
    19 Oct 2008: Dr. Rannan-Eliya leads WHO Seminar in Maldives on the Social Determinants of Health
    15 Oct 2008: Dr. A.T.P.L. Abeykoon observes and monitors the North Korean population census with UNFPA
    12 Oct 2008: Dr. A.T.P.L. Abeykoon elected Secretary General of the Asian Population Association for 2009-2010
    9 Sep 2008: IHP research team presents findings on the impacts of ageing in Sri Lanka at World Bank Workshop
    8 Aug 2008: Dr Rannan-Eliya and Dr Samarage (MOH) participate in WHO Conference on Revitalizing Primary Healthcare, Jakarta
    11 Jul 2008: The Fifth Equitap Meeting is held in Korea
    20 May 2008: Dr, Rannan-Eliya presents at the ILO Asia-Pacific Regional High-Level Meeting on Socially-Inclusive Strategies to Extend Social Security Coverage
    12 Apr 2008: Dr. Rannan-Eliya participates in the UNICEF Consultation on Equity in Access to Quality Health Care for Women and Children in Halong Bay, Vietnam
    31 Mar 2008: Who pays for healthcare in Asia? Equitap findings published in Journal of Health Econmics
    11 Mar 2008: Dr. Rannan-Eliya presents IHP review of the G8's health financing agenda at the high-level international conference on health systems challenges, Tokyo
    22 Feb 2008: Dr Rannan-Eliya participates in World Bank-Hitotsubashi University Workshop on Closing the Coverage Gap, Tokyo
    6 Feb 2008: IHP assists World Bank to review and share experience with research networks on health systems and policies
    8 Dec 2007: WHO consultation discusses regional agenda for active and healthy ageing
    14 Nov 2007: Dr A.T.P.L. Abeykoon presents paper at Expert Group Meeting on MDG Supplementary Targets and Indicators in Bangkok
    30 Oct 2007: Dr Rannan-Eliya participates in Global Health Forum 11 Beijing
    18 Oct 2007: Dr Rannan-Eliya gives keynote talk at the WHO High Level Meeting on Promoting Health Equity in Cambodia
    2 Oct 2007: Fazana Saleem-Ismail shares IHP research on decomposing health inequalities at regional conference
    10 Sep 2007: Ministry of Health requests all departments and institutes to assist IHP in its survey of policy-maker opinions on health promotion financing
    11 Jul 2007: IHP participates in IHEA 2007 World Congress in Copenhagen
    1 Jul 2007: IHP Staff leads Seminar to finalize Standard Treatment Protocols (STPs) for priority NCDs in Maldives
    20 Jun 2007: Third Joint OECD/Korea RCHSP-APNHAN Meeting of Regional Health Accounts Experts held in Seoul, Korea
    19 Jun 2007: United Nations releases the World Economic and Social Survey 2007, which draws upon IHP research
    4 May 2007: Dr Rannan-Eliya and Dr Somanathan attend CCGHR-BRAC Workshop on Partnerships for Health Research
    30 Apr 2007: United Nations ESCAP releases its Theme Study on the Challenges facing regional Health Systems in Achieving the Millennium Development Goals in Asia and the Pacific
    23 Apr 2007: Dr. Shanti Dalpatadu leads inception mission to Maldives to initiate NCD Project
    4 Apr 2007: Maldives signs contract for rationalizing NCDs with IHP consortium
    30 Mar 2007: Equitap findings presented at WHO Commission on Social Determinants and Health seminar at WHO Headquarters, Geneva
    27 Mar 2007: New IHP logo adopted!
    20 Mar 2007: WHO Commission on Social Determinants and Health contracts IHP to conduct analysis of health inequalities in WHO-SEARO countries.
    11 Mar 2007: JICA-IHP Seminar on Asia– Africa Knowledge Co-Creation Program shares Sri Lankan knowledge and experience in hospital TQM with African hospital leaders
    10 Feb 2007: IHP makes significant contributions at Ministry of Health's Annual Health Forum 2007
    9 Feb 2007: Health Master Plan launched by Ministry of Healthcare and Nutrition
    31 Jan 2007: Equitap comparative analysis of incidence of government health spending in Asian countries published by World Bank Economic Review
    12 Oct 2006: Lancet publishes results of Equitap study of the poverty impact of out-of-pocket spending on health in Asia
    24 Jul 2006: Conference on National Health Expenditure, National Health Research Institutes, Taiwan
    29 Jun 2006: IHP Fellows appointed to expert review committee to finalise Health Master Plan
    26 Jun 2006: Field work for IHP Survey of IDPs completed
    10 Jun 2006: Lankani graduates from Oxford University!
    8 Jun 2006: Aparnaa Somanathan awarded doctoral degree by Harvard University
    20 May 2006: Poster selection makes for four IHP staff research abstracts selected for presentation at Global Forum 10!
    19 May 2006: Second IHP abstract accepted for Global Forum 10 Conference
    19 May 2006: BOI Incentives Study to be presented in Global Forum 10, Cairo
    19 May 2006: Dr Rannan-Eliya presents on issues related to extending social protection to the informal sector at World Bank workshop
    18 May 2006: Dr Wijesinghe selected to present IHP work on health spending projections at Global Forum 10 Conference, Cairo
    12 May 2006: Melanie Wirekoon graduates as member of the ICSA
    7 Mar 2006: Review of future Asia health policy challenges released at "Asia 2015 Conference", London
    25 Feb 2006: National workshop held to discuss findings of ILO Social Security Inquiry
    26 Jan 2006: Dr Rannan-Eliya appointed to the WHO Alliance for Health Policy and Systems Research STAC
    17 Dec 2005: Ruwanthi Elwelagedera presents on Sri Lanka's adolescent reproductive health policies at World Bank Delhi workshop
    26 Sep 2005: Dr Rannan-Eliya makes presentation at Ceylon Chamber of Commerce
    31 Aug 2005: Institute for Health Policy formally established!
    11 Jun 2005: Dr. Shanti Dalpatadu joins IHP as Senior Fellow
    9 May 2005: Dr. Reggie Perera joins the IHP start-up team as Senior Fellow
    20 Apr 2005: Dr Rannan-Eliya attends WHO INTRA-III Project Workshop
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