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    Sri Lanka District Investment Case Analysis (DICA)

    Recommendations, guidelines and action plan

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    Shanti Dalpatadu, Shanaz Saleem, Ravi P. Rannan-Eliya
    1 Mar 2012 | 51 pages

    Abstract:Moving away from the conventional form of problem-solving and using a scientific method, such as the Tanahashi framework to analyse health system bottlenecks, irrespective of the numbers generated by the MBB tool, provided a significant indication about the direction the district should adopt, in terms of, Where and When to mobilize resources, What health outcomes that could be achieved and How to achieve these health outcomes using cost-effective strategies Thus, given the positive experience of this pilot study in the four districts exercise, it is recommended that this process be shared with other districts in the country. Further consideration should be given at the highest levels to find ways and means to increase the skills, capacity and resources of district managers to undertake District Investment Case Analysis in the future.




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