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    31 Jan 2007
    Equitap comparative analysis of incidence of government health spending in Asian countries published by World Bank Economic Review
    The results of the Equitap analysis of the benefit incidence of government health spending in Asian countries was published as an article in the World Bank Economic Review. This study conducted by the Equitap collaboration, led by IHP, used standardised methods to examine the incidence of public spending in countries ranging from Bangladesh and Nepal to Sri Lanka, Hong Kong and Malaysia. Key findings of the paper are that in most countries government health spending goes more to the rich than the poor. However, in certain countries, specifically Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Hong Kong, the pattern of government health spending was found to be not pro-rich but pro-poor, with the most pro-poor pattern being seen in Hong Kong.

    The Equitap research collaboration is a consortium of more than 17 institutions in Asia and Europe, conceived and led by IHP staff, which has been examining equity in health systems in Asia since 2000. This latest World Bank Economic Review article is one of several Equitap reseach papers accepted for publication in international peer-reviewed journals. Dr Ravi Rannan-Eliya and Dr Aparnaa Somanathan were the IHP authors in this paper.

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