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    News 2007

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    4 May 2007
    Dr Rannan-Eliya and Dr Somanathan attend CCGHR-BRAC Workshop on Partnerships for Health Research
    Dr Rannan-Eliya and Dr Somanathan (representing World Bank) participated in the Canadian Coaliation for Global Health Research - BRAC Building Effective and Sustainable Partnerships for Health Research South Asia Regional Consultation, held in Rajendrapur, Bangladesh, 2-4 May 2007. This consultation was part of a process launched by CCGHR to capture the experience of South Asian researchers of health research partnerships, and thus identify critical issues for improving such partnerships in future. Dr Rannan-Eliya shared IHP's experience in bulding south-south partnerships, such as APNHAN and Equitap, and this experience stimulated the final workshop conclusions. newspic070504.jpg

    30 Apr 2007
    United Nations ESCAP releases its Theme Study on the Challenges facing regional Health Systems in Achieving the Millennium Development Goals in Asia and the Pacific
    Bangkok, Thailand - UNESCAP released its Theme Study on “Development of health systems in the context of enhancing economic growth towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals in Asia and the Pacific", a major report which draws upon contributions from IHP staff and IHP research.

    Each country in the Asian region faces specific challenges in its quest to achieve the health-related MDGs. These challenges can only be met by adopting a comprehensive health systems approach to deliver universal coverage of a minimum package of health services and by addressing the determinants of health that lie beyond the direct purview of the health sector. Recognising the interconnected nature of the MDGs, the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific in 2006-2007 conducted this major review and study of how to improve strategies and policies in member states, taking due account of the significance of the social determinants of health and the multiplicity of sectors affecting health.

    For this study, Dr. Rannan-Eliya, IHP Fellow, drafted the fourth chapter in the report, which examines issues and barriers to expanding universal health coverage in countries of the region. Both Dr Rannan-Eliya and Dr APTL Abeykoon, IHP Fellows, also participated in expert group meetings that were held in Bangkok to review earlier drafts and content for the final report.

    23 Apr 2007
    Dr. Shanti Dalpatadu leads inception mission to Maldives to initiate NCD Project
    Dr. Dalpatadu initiates inception mission to the Maldives to launch the project to rationalize NCD care in Maldvian government hospitals. A joint team consisting of IHP and HPRA experts, and PWC consultants will be spending the week meeting with Maldives counterparts and assessing the current stuation for management of NCDs in Maldives hospitals. newspic070423.jpg

    4 Apr 2007
    Maldives signs contract for rationalizing NCDs with IHP consortium
    Following an international tender, Maldives awarded a contract to a consortium of HPRA and PriceWaterhouseCoopers Sri Lanka to design and implement rationalized procedures for management of NCDs in government hospitals in Maldvives. IHP Senior Fellow, Dr Shanti Dalpatadu wll be leading this project which is expected to take nine months, and give the Maldives the most advanced national programme for managing NCDs in South Asia. His team will include IHP experts, Dr Reggie Perera and Dr Rannan-Eliya, as well as leading international experts from the UK and Australia. newspic070404.jpg

    30 Mar 2007
    Equitap findings presented at WHO Commission on Social Determinants and Health seminar at WHO Headquarters, Geneva
    At the invitation of the WHO Commission on Social Determinants and Health, Dr Rannan-Eliya held a seminar at WHO Headquarters to share the key findings of the Equitap project. The meeting was attended by numerous WHO staff, and the presentation provoked a number of questions and debate on what matters in terms of making health systems more equitable.

    The Equitap research collaboration is a consortium of more than 17 institutions in Asia and Europe, conceived and led by IHP staff, which has been examining equity in health systems in Asia since 2000. Its findings have been widely cited in recent years, and its results provide the most definitive description of health systems equity in the Asian region.

    27 Mar 2007
    New IHP logo adopted!
    Meeting a long-felt need in the process of establishing IHP, the institute adopted its first logo. Designed by GH Resources, the new logo is expected to give the institute a new brand identity, by communicating its spirit and cutting edge research. newspic070327.jpg

    20 Mar 2007
    WHO Commission on Social Determinants and Health contracts IHP to conduct analysis of health inequalities in WHO-SEARO countries.
    WHO Commission on Social Determinants and Health (CSDH) has commissioned IHP to carry out a regional anaysis of inequalities in health outcomes in the countries of South and South-East Asia, belonging to the WHO SEA region. The reasons for the inequalities range from health system factors to other wider social determinants. As part of the efforts of the WHO CSDH to highlight the contribution of different social determinants, this study will use available Demographic and Health Surveys and other household surveys to examine health inequalities in selected regional countries, including Bangladesh, Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, Maldives and Indonesia. Key outcomes of interest are likely to be nutritional indicators such as stunting in children, and maternal care indicators such as skilled attendance at child birth. As part of this study., IHP will be decomposing the measured inequalities according to measurable determinants. The results of this work are planned to be presented to health ministers at the regional health ministers meeting of WHO-SEAR in mid-2007. WHOCSDHLogo.jpg

    11 Mar 2007
    JICA-IHP Seminar on Asia– Africa Knowledge Co-Creation Program shares Sri Lankan knowledge and experience in hospital TQM with African hospital leaders
    IHP Senior Fellow, Dr Reggie Perera successfully led the joint IHP-JICA Seminar to share the Sri Lankan experience with 5S TQM approaches to improving hospital productivity and quality with 15 African hospital leaders and planners. The three day training event took the participants, who were from Eritrea, Kenya, Madagascar, Malawi, Nigeria, Senegal and Uganda to see at first hand the implementation of 5S in several MOH hospitals, coupling this with class-room sessions led by local experts. The objectives were 1.To convince African participants of the usefulness of TQM with 5-S activities as an entry point for improving quality of care in hospitals, through sharing Sri Lankan experiences of TQM, and 2. To provide advice and expertise to each participating African country's efforts to improve hospital services. newspic070311.jpg

    10 Feb 2007
    IHP makes significant contributions at Ministry of Health's Annual Health Forum 2007
    The Annual Health Forum is an important initiative of the Ministry of Health to engage in dialogue with stakeholders and others about current challenges facing the health sector, and the Ministry's plans. The first AHF, which was held at the BMICH in Colombo from 9-10 February, was attended by the Hon. Minister Nimal Siripala de Silva and the other senior staff of the Ministry, together with representatives of key health sector stakeholders, including professional associations, unions, patients groups and the development partners. For the AHF, the Ministry commissioned a number of studies, so as to inform the deliberations and identify key issues. IHP provided significant inputs for two of these, which were contracted to HPRA, IHP's consulting affiliate.

    One study, led by IHP Senior Fellow, Dr Shanti Dalpatadu, conducted a review of potential frameworks for monitoring district health service performance. Through discussions with MOH staff, this study developed a framework for use in Sri Lanka, based largely on the OECD framework for health systems performance assessment. Having finalised the framework, it was piloted by collecting supporting data in eight districts, and the results were presented by IHP Associate, Tharanga Fernando, together with the framework to AHF participants for discussion.

    The second study examined the costs and financing of government and private health services at the district level, focusing on three districts (Colombo, Badulla, Matale). This required a cost survey of healthcare facilities in the three districts by IHP, as well as extension of IHP's Sri Lanka Health Accounts system to capture expenditures at both provincial and district level. The results of this study were presented by Dr Ravi Rannan-Eliya, IHP Fellow, to AHF participants, and they stimulated several discussions. Dr Reggie Perera, IHP Senior Fellow and former Secretary of Health, also participated in the Forum.

    9 Feb 2007
    Health Master Plan launched by Ministry of Healthcare and Nutrition
    At an evening ceremony held at the Hotel Taj Samudra, and graced by the Hon. Minister Nimal Siripala de Silva and the Ambassador of Japan, the Ministry of Healthcare and Nutrition launched the country's Health Master Plan. IHP Fellows, Dr Reggie Perera and Dr Ravi Rannan-Eliya both attended the official event.

    The HMP has been long in preparation, with the initial project work starting in 2002, funded by project assistance funding from JICA. IHP staff have been involved in all stages of the project from its conception to its final conclusion. Dr. Dalpatadu, IHP Fellow and former DDG Planning at MOH was responsible for much of the initial design work for the project, and Dr Reggie Perera, IHP Fellow and former Secretary of Health, sheparded the project though its initial phase when most of the substantive analysis and policy proposal development was completed. During that major first phase, Dr Rannan-Eliya and Dr Aparnaa Somanathan both contributed their inputs as researchers on various studies commissioned by the HMP project team, as well as sharing their expert opinions with the international advisors for the project. Subsequently, in the final phase of the HMP project, at the invitation of the Hon. Minister, both Dr Dalpatadu and Dr Rannan-Eliya served as experts on the final expert committee that was charged with finalisation of the key summary report of the HMP.

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