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    Upeka Samarakoon

    Research Fellow

    Dr. Upeka Samarakoon, MS, PhD, MPH is a Research Fellow at the Institute for Health Policy. Dr. Samarakoon received her B.Sc. degree (Zoology and Molecular Biology & Biotechnology) from University of Peradeniya. A Fulbright Scholar, she received her postgraduate degrees in M.S. (Entomology) from University of Nebraska-Lincoln, PhD (Biology) from the Eck Institute for Global Health at University of Notre Dame, and MPH (Global Health and Epidemiology) at the Boston University School of Public Health. She completed her postdoctoral training at Harvard Medical School/ Brigham and Womens’ Hospital.

    Dr. Samarakoon is a public health practitioner and educator. Her research and policy interests focus on the impact of non-communicable diseases on population health and health systems and the social, environmental and policy-specific factors related to urban health in South Asia. She seeks to broaden the public health debates on quality of life amongst the underprivileged communities, especially, access to nutrition, water, sanitation, high quality health care, and education. As Visiting Faculty, she teaches in the MPH program at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Kelaniya. As a teacher, she is passionate about training the next generation of Public Health Specialists to address emerging problems in Global Health.
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